Who are the coaches?
Philip Koser and Duane Koser.
What is
Cross Country and how is it scored?
When are meets?
There are 6 regular season meets on Tuesdays after school.
Invitationals are larger meets, usually on Saturday mornings.
See our schedule for all meet dates and times.
What time
are the meets?
4:15 for jr. High, Varsity races at 4:45 and 5:15
Who can compete?
Click on Who competes.
When does
practice start?
August 14, 2017 is the official starting date for HS.
Practice is mandatory.
Junior High Runners, grades 7-9, also starts Monday, August 14, 2017

Athletes are expected to arrange their schedules
so they are able to attend all team practices.
How often do
we practice?

We practice Monday through Friday in August.
After Labor Day, HS will practice Monday through Saturday,
and we have some Saturday meets.

What if I can't
be at a practice?
Contact coach if you are unable to make a practice.
There are times when you may be excused from practice.
Do I need
a physical?
Yes. You will not be allowed to practice with the team without
turning in the papers. Contact the HS office for papers. Please schedule your physical for June or July so you can hand all paper work in by August 6.

Please hand in physical papers a week before practice starts.
Must I get a physical
through Donegal?

Donegal no longer offers physicals.
You will want to get a physical through your family physician.
Then hand in physical papers to the high school office.

What is
Cross Country Camp

and should I go?
Cross Country camp is a set of 3 day trips and is designed for HS athletes to help you get into shape, build team work and unity, and teach technical aspects of running and racing. We have a lot of FUN while keeping our focus on training and not just going to the beach or mountains!!!

Camp is not mandatory. Most runners go because they
want to get better and have a fun time with teammates.
Are there any funfaisers?
Yes. We have had a sub sale in the fall to raise
money for our end of the season awards.
What are the
end of season


What are the
team goals?
  • Be respectful toward your teammates and opponents.
  • Commit to putting the team first, the individual second.
  • Work hard and have a positive enthusiastic effect when working together.
  • Encourage each other to develop a positive effect and joy in people, it is contagious!
What are the
expectations for
athletes' goals?
  • Each runner should strive to run his/her potential.
  • To increase volume and intensity each year according to training level.
  • Set an acceptable goal. Set a challenging goal. Set a dream goal.


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