Officers for 2017

President-Joe Hess
Vice-President- TBA
Treasurer- Troy DeBruin
Secretary- Christina Myers

If you think of any information that parents need to know, let me know by email so I can post.


2017 Booster Minutes

August 2017 Minutes

June 2017 Minutes

Sign-ups for 2017 Season

2017 Coordinators

Banquet Coordinator- Wendy Fry/ Allison Fitz
Spirit Wear- Duane Koser and Debbbie Williams
Magnets- Debbie Williams
Pre-season Team Picnic- Christina Myers
Sub Sale Coordinator- TBA, needed
Isaac's Fundraiser- Debbie Williams
Team Pictures- Kristy Anderson
Fry Wagon- Duane Koser
Cheer Sheets- Michelle Shirk
Home Meet Volunteer Coordinator- TBA, needed
Fruit/ Snack Coordinator- Debbie Williams
Team Potluck Meal- Christina Myers
Banquet Video/ photos- Joe Hess, Michelle Jenney
Home Meet Scoring - Steve Gualt
Website- Phil Koser

2016 Booster Minutes

Aug 3 Minutes-Minutes attached
June 2016 Booster Club Minute


What to expect During the season

Check out the Cross Country Guide to right too

Here are some things you can do to support your team:

   Attend the meets and Encourage your child and the team but also acknowledge the efforts made by opposing teams. Negative comments can quickly damage our team's progress. Remember that running is 90% mental and 10% physical.

     Insist that your son/daughter eats and sleeps well.

     Ask a question, rather than telling what you thought of the meet.

     Realize that the courses are all different, so comparing times may be difficult.

     Appreciate how much effort your son/daughter puts into the race, win or lose.

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